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Kamis, 18 Januari 2018

scene breakdown The world's end

berikut adalah scene breakdown dari film the world's end..
script by Edgar wright dan simon pegg.
Edgar wright adalah director dari baby driver film yang baru aja keluar tahun 2017
dan the world's end adalah film edgar wright tahun 2012.
kenapa memilih scene the world's end yang saya akan breakdown. karena film ini sangat menarik dari sisi foreshadowing nya..
bagi yang belu paham tentang foreshadowing bisa cek disini 

Sebenarnya film ini pake bahasa inggris. tapi saya akan breakdown script nya dan scene nya menggunakan bahasa inggris


Ever had one of those nights that starts like any other night but ends up being the best night of your life? I did.

(Black screen)

It was June 22nd 1990, our final day of school. There were five of us. Oliver Chamberlain, Peter Page, Steven Prince, Andy Knightley and me. They called me The King. Because my name's Gary King.
memperlihatkan tentang gary berjalan dengan teman temannya di berbagai tempat

Me and the boys, we were inseparable: Ollie was funny, he fancied himself as a bit of a player but really, he was all mouth. We called him O-Man because he had a birthmark that looked like a six. He loved it.

Pete was the baby of the group. We sort of took him under our wing. Pete wasn't the kind of kid we'd usually hang out with but he was good for a laugh and his dad was minted.

Steve was a cool guy, almost as cool as me. We jammed together, formed a band, we chased the girls. I think he kinda saw us as rivals. Sweet really.

And Andy? Well what can I say? Andy was my wing man. The one guy I could rely on to back me up. I loved him and I'm not being funny, he loved me too.

There were a few people we'd miss. Mr. Shepherd was cool. I remember one time, he asked what I wanted to do with my life.
I told him I just want to have a good time. He thought that was funny. It wasn't meant to be.

Newton Haven was our hometown. Our cradle, our playground, our universe and that night it was the site of an heroic quest. The aim? To conquer The Golden Mile. Twelve pubs along a legendary path of alcoholic indulgence, terminating at the alehouse that would herald our success: The World's End.


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